11-03-2015 01:38
Teretus karmi talve lo'pul!

Olen vaid veidi yle kuu aja New Yorki osariigis elanud. Abiellusin 14.veebr. Ameerika kodaniku Dennisega, minu ammuse tuttavaga. Elame Troy's (Alabany'le va:ga la:hedal. Olen nooruslik 51 a. naine. Olen va:ga huvitatud, kas Albany's - Troy's eestlasi ka elab?

Riina Hofschild (end. Mandel)
27-09-2014 12:45
I should have informed all of you earlier but I thought I should mention it here for the Estonian House Record it is with sad News I hereby report
yo all of you the pooadding of the Daughter of Avo and Viivi (Rass) Piirisild
her name is Rita-ly (Piirisild) HUGHES
Legal Name for the record Rita Ly Hughes passed away quickly on June 2nd 2014.

Gary Alan Hughes her Husband
I can be reached at

Gary Alan Hughes
1046 Stokes Ave
Santa Maria, CA 93454-3266


while living at Allen Care Nursing Home
Glendale CA 92101 she has been cremated
and ashes buried at sea.
09-07-2014 18:05
My wife and I led The Salvation Army's (Paastearmee) in Tallinn from 2003-2006. Later we lived in Rovaniemi Finland from 2010-2011. Our hearts remain in Estonia and we are looking for connections here in the States with Estonian people and culture. We live in West Hempstead N.Y. (Long Island) We can be reached at 516-850-8713. Thank you.
03-06-2014 22:03
I'm an old Army, ODA 125, friend of someone who may still be a member. His name is Pritt Parming. We'd meet at your wonderful East 34th St. facility. If you are able to reach him, I would greatly appreciate you giving him my name (above) and phone, in Florida. (772) 220-7982.
Rich Kvies
22-11-2013 11:04
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