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Upcoming events at the New York Estonian House


February 7th 2015

Sauerkraut has been a long tradition on an Estonian dinner table. In the old days it was also a good source for vitamins during the long winter months. The recipes that have been passed down from our relatives all differ. For that reason, we announce this contest for the best “mulgikapsas” (sauerkraut, pork, barley, etc.) and “praekapsas” (sauerkraut served with your roast). Find your recipes and bring your dish for others to taste on February 7th. Best of luck with cooking to all.

Contest rules:

·       Sauerkraut must be prepared in advance, bring to the Estonian House in your pot by 1 p.m. where you can warm your dish and be ready to serve by 2:30 p.m.

·       Preparers must have enough sauerkraut for about 40 people.  (Each portion will be in a 3 ounce cup).

·       Preparers pay no fee.

·       Tasters pay a $10.00 fee per person.

·       Tasters will vote for the best “mulgikapsad” and best “praekapsad.”

·       Winners will receive prizes.

·       Preparers and tasters must register by February 1, 2015 with Liisi Vanaselja - (lvanaselja@gmail.com or 347-683-3632)

N.Y. Estonian House plans to continue with similar food events in the future.  Every year we will do something new and interesting.



NY Estonian House is a private club. Members of the Estonian Educational Society and their accompanied friends only may use the facilities. Members may bring up to five friends to the NY Estonian House.