The New York Estonian Educational Society was born on December 7, 1929. A meeting of the various local Estonian organizations was convened to unify the Estonians in New York. 77 members were present, and the “Unified Estonian Organization” was created.

On August 7, 1930, a special meeting was convened, and a new name was created for the group: “The New York Estonian Educational Society”, in an effort to purchase a building and minimize the tax implications of a private purchase – the Society established its headquarters at 310 Lenox Avenue in Harlem.

In the fall of 1938, the Society moved to bigger quarters in Harlem at 5 East 125th Street. In 1943, Estonian Educational Society, Inc. was formed to facilitate the purchase of an appropriate property for the Society – the building at 243 East 34th Street was then purchased for $25,000.- in 1946, and the Society was able to have its Annual Meeting in its own building in1947.
The influx of Estonian refugees after World War II brought many more Estonians into the Society, and the Estonian House became a very active center for Estonian activity in New York.

In 1950, the Society purchased a large piece of land in Long Island, which was subsequently developed by local Estonians – buildings, a pool and a sports facility were built, and this became the summer camp for local Estonian children.
Since then, the Society has served as the center and focal point of Estonian activity in New York.

Our Mission - The New York Estonian House is a volunteer organization whose goal is to further Estonian culture in New York, and be a meeting place for Estonians from around the world.

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Tegemistest New Yorgi Eesti Majas 2013

Eesti Maja 2013 aasta suve tööd ja tegemised, tulevikuplaanid.

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NY Haridusseltsi esimehed

Praeguse NY Eesti Maja ost kiideti tolleaegse juhatuse poolt heaks 66 aastat tagasi, täpsemalt 9. augustil 1946-ndal aastal ning maja ostu-müügi leping sõlmiti sama aasta 30. septembril. Maja omanikuks on olnud sellest ajast peale NY Eesti Haridusselts. Läbi aastate on Haridusseltsi juhtinud mitmed mehed-naised.

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66 aastat New Yorgi Eesti Maja

Nostalgiline New Yorgi Eesti Maja 34-ndal tänaval on olnud eestlaste käes juba üle poole sajandi. Selle aja sisse mahub piisavalt pikk ajalugu ning hulk mälestusi. Paljude sõjapõgenike e. pagulaseestlaste ja nende järglaste nooruspõlv on just siin möödunud ning enamike sõprus ja tutvus on NY Eesti Majast alguse saanud.

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Books for sale

Ney Yorgi Eesti Majale on toodud annetuseks hulgaliselt eestikeelseid raamatud. Kahjuks on ruumi raamatute hoidmiseks väga vähe ning sellest johtuvalt oleme välja võtnud kõik duplikaatraamatud, mida hea meelega annaksime inimestele, kellel on huvi raamatute vastu ning ruumi raamatute hoidmiseks. Soovitav annetus raamatu eest on $1.00, mis läheb NY Eesti Maja toetuseks.

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The 1899 Civic Club - 243 East 34th Street

Frederick Norton Goddard was not like his peers in the glittering, gilded social circles of New York in the 1890s. When Goddard’s father, J. W. Goddard died he left an estate of approximately $12 million to be divided between his two sons.


Board of Directors and Organizations

New Yorgi Eesti Haridusseltsil on 9 liikmeline juhatus.

Board of Directors
Name Position E-mail Phone
Toomas Sõrra President 718-834-0100
Carl Skonberg Vice President  
Tiina  Vaska Treasurer
Kaarel Laev Assistant Treasurer   212-928-7440
Tiina Järver Secretary  
Kadri Sepp Assistant Secretary  
Liisi Vanaselja Counselor  
Peeter Teedla Counselor 203-252-4027
Eva Maria Liimets Counselor    
Council of Elders
Marianne Vanaselja    
Sven Roosild      
Eha McDonnell      
Ivi Tamm    
Virve Vaher    
Commitee of Auditors
Andrus Aasmaa      
Marcus Vaska      
Siiri Lind      
NYEHS-i Staff
Christiina Sokk Manager 212-684-0336
Merilin Juhkam Bartender   212-532-4515
Maria Nigul Kitchen   212-532-4515
Maret Kesküla Superintendent    
Riina Sõrra Website  
Estonian House Organizations
Kärt Ulman Nordic Press 212-686-3356
Siiri Lind Bookkeeper 212-686-3356
Sirje Uriko Nordic Press   212-686-3356
Virve Vaher Abistamis-

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New York Estonian School
Principal:Merike Barborak
also website

New York Estonian Womens Chorus
Chairman:Eha Brownell E-mail

New York Estonian Male Chorus
Chairman: Taivo Ets

New York Estonian Seniors
Chairman: Laine Tigane

New York Estonian Folk Dancing Group – Saare Vikat
Chairman: Liisi Vanaselja
tel 347-683-3632 E-mail

New York Estonian Boy Scouts – Viikingi Lipkond Viiking Lipkond:nskm. Arno Sokk
tel.: 203-364-0470 E-mail

New Yorgi Eesti Gaidid – Linnutee Lipkond/ New York Estonian Girl Scouts – Linnutee Troop
Contact: Ilomai Kurrik
Email: ilomaik@yahoo.com

Eesti Spordiliit USA-s

also Website

Long Island Estonian Club Managing Committee

Contact: Hedy Pääro
tel 516 678-9054

Long Islandi Eesti Kodu
Contact: Sven Roosild
tel: 631 744-1090

Long Island Estonian Children's Summer Camp

also Website

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Thank you for believing in the New York Estonian House and its mission. Together, we can create an even stronger community, but we need your financial help to keep all of this working.